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Arena Premier November 2007 - June 2009

Introduction to Arena Premier

Arena Premier (AP) provides an all-in-one event ticketing, venue access control, cashless payments and CRM solution for event promoters with offices in the United States, Mexico and Ecuador. I entered the team to help transist the company from being a traditional windows-based software provider to a modern Web 2.0 'software as a service' provider.

Projects under Embargo

In order to not reveal trade secrets, Arena Premier have requested that I not post here details of projects that could give advantage to their competition at this time. The works which I produced during my tenure include:

  • The design and front-end development of a ticket-sales website
  • The design and front-end development of a web-based administrative back office
  • The design and front-end development of a html-based-interface touch-screen cash register
  • The design and development of flash-based interactive maps for seat selection
  • The design and front-end development of the Arena Premier corporate website (shown below).

As the corporate website is in the public domain, I publish here details of this relatively small project I produced for them towards the end of my time.

The Corporate Website

The corporate website which existed before was a dated Flash presentation which didn't reflect the current business model. I was ask to produce a new site - a project which took about four weeks.

Summary of my involvement

  • Development of wireframe diagrams
  • Interface graphic design based upon current corporate branding
  • Consultation on content writing
  • XHTML and CSS development
  • jQuery integration
  • SIFR Javascript/Flash text-rendering integration
  • Research and design of solution graphic as shown in second screenshot
  • Back-end development using ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio
  • Liaison with the relevant stakeholders throughout
  • Work pattern according to a CMMI-controlled project plan

Notes: All images were supplied.

The website in the form that the screenshots reveal below was launched in March 2009. The current version can be seen at


AP homepage

Notes: The main image changes upon each page refresh.

Main product page

Example content page