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Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance August 2003 - September 2005

I was employed in-house as web developer for the UK office of LRQA. I was responsible for the development of their website from concept to completion. This page contains the following sections:

Primary screenshots

The following is a screenshot of the homepage:

LRQA homepage

The following is a screenshot of LRQA's ISO 9001 product page, one of the most important pages in the site from a business point of view:

LRQA ISO 9001 product page


Accessibilitiy and Design

The LRQA website, apart from a couple of small areas that still require porting, conforms to the triple-A accessibility standard. However, I have not been given opportunity to test it systematically, so apologies if you do find errors! Page layout was achieved entirely using cascading style sheets, and best possible use of markup was used throughout.

Without compromising my commitment to standards-compliancy, it was also my passion to provide the website with a type of graphical finesse that could actually help with its usability. One example of this can be seen in the second screenshot above, where I use layered palettes (visually to the left of the page) to give sighted users a visual concept of where they are in the site. The website however never relies on visual presentation, and a lot of usability features were also provided for screen-reader users in the back-end code. Jump links and orientational commenting were provided throughout.


I coded the back-end with ASP script to provide an efficient programmatically-driven user interface. The advanced application functionality of the search engine was coded by John Murray of DMAP, Cambridge. Because correct XHTML markup was used throughout, we could design an engine with a good level of relevancy ranking, based on parsing heading tags and other structural elements. I would also like to credit Brothercake for development of an excellently written accessible javascript drop-down menu, which was used in this website.


I was also involved with the wider marketing activities of the company, and designed additional branding elements, such as the armillary sphere illustrated in the masthead of the website. This is a metaphor for a good working management system, to which LRQA provides auditing services.

In addition to the website, I also developed a customer email newsletter, based on a similar design.

Links to website and other resources

  • website: Please note, the website has undergone incremental changes since I left the project. The screenshots provided on this page are now the most reliable representations of my work.
  • additional screenshots: